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BETE Fog Nozzle Inc.

BETE: Engineered spraying systems. Nozzles for industry, pollution control, and fire protection.

Applications include absorption, additives, air and steam, coating, cooling, distribution, crying, dust control, etching, evaporative cooling, evaporative disposal, fire protection, flue gas desulphurization, foam control, fog nozzles, food processing, gas scrubbing, humidification, lubrication, mist eliminator wash, misting, mixing, eductors, moistening, odor control, packing, parts, washing, petroleum processing, pollution control, pulp bleaching, quenching, roll cooling, scrubbing, spray drying, tank washing, wastewater treatment and more.


Bonomi North America

Bonomi North America manufacturers ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, pneumatic and electric actuators in a variety of materials, and pressure classes. Threaded, flanged, sweat, sanitary and Euro-press end configurations are available. Bonomi NA is proud of their ability to promptly assemble and ship actuated valves from Rock Hill South Carolina.

Valve products include standard ball valves, mini ball valves, three way valves, wafer ball valves in two and three way, gas ball valves, compact in-line check valves, foot valves, wafer and lug wafer rubber seated butterfly valves.

Many of the Bonomi actuator products, both electric and pneumatic are designed to direct mount on Bonomi valve products eliminating the requirement for additional bracket mounting hardware.

CheckAll Valve

Check-All Valve Mfg. Co.

A complete line of spring loaded piston type check valves. Many different configurations of check valves for practically every service application. All valves are available with metal to metal or resilient seated versions, with size ranges from 1/8” to 20” diameter. Pressure ratings from full vacuum to 10,000 psi. Manufactured in brass, steel, stainless steel, plastics, and special materials such as Titanium, Alloy 20, and other high alloy metals.

Applications include all applications where reverse flow is undesirable, vacuum breakers, low pressure relief applications, thermal bypass, chemical injection systems, vertical up or vertical down flows, silent operation closing quickly minimizing hammer noise, limited space, sanitary food and dairy lines.


Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc.

EVR manufacturers durable, high-quality rubber products, including pinch valves, elastomeric sleeves, elastomeric check valves, pressure sensors, expansion joints, rubber connectors, dust collectors and more.

Applications for these products include industrial, institutional, power plants, sewage handling, water and wastewater treatment plants, mining facilities, agricultural outfall, and marine transportation.


Fabricast Valve

Knife gate and specialty Valves for the process industry. Products include metal and resilient seated knife gate valves, split body ductile iron body knife gate valves, slide gate valves, bonneted knife gate valves, fabricated and custom designed knife gate and check valves.

Applications include pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, food processing, chemical and petroleum processing, fish bypass systems, mining, tank discharge, cyclonic cleaners, and more.

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Hellan Strainer

Hellan Strainer

Hellan Strainers removes all types of solids (such as algae, zebra mussels, sand, grit, debris, machine cutting chips, etc.) from various fluids. They are extremely popular due to their reliability, efficient operations and cost savings. Instead of trapping solids like conventional basket strainers (which necessitate frequent basket removal for cleaning), the Hellan Strainer discharges solids from the flow without disassembly. This reduces operational and maintenance costs and permits continuous flow of fluids.


John C Ernst

Specialty processing and industrial plant equipment for level and flow indication. Sight flow gages/meters, drain cocks, sight glass, gaskets-circles, squares, and rectangles. Water columns, replacement parts, sight windows, flat insert gage glass and fusible plugs.

Applications include tank level indication, pipeline flow / no flow visual monitoring, lubrication, boiler firebox sights, tank windows, temperature indication, protection and more.

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Kunkle Valve

Manufacturers of safety relief valves. liquid, gas, steam pressure relief valves for non code and to ASME sections I, IV,VIII, code requirements. Valves are available in iron, bronze, steel, and stainless steel configurations for service conditions from full Vacuum to 6500psi. Kunkle also manufacturers drip pan elbows for installation in conjunction with the relief valve.

Applications include hot water and steam boiler relief, steam relief in process piping, liquid relief for protection of piping systems, tank truck relief, air compressor relief, liquid bypass service, overpressure or vacuum protection of pressure vessels and more.

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L&J Technologies

Level gauging solutions. Tank Inventory management systems including microprocessor based systems, Windows based systems, Unix based systems. Field protocols, other vendors protocol interfaces, and field interface controllers. Field equipment includes transmitters, magnetostrictive level gauge, intelligent servo gauge, direct impulse radar level indicator, alarm probes, radar gauge, remote thermal units, and encoder transmitters.

Applications are tank farm inventory management, level indication for remote tankage, including petroleum, water, wastewater, pulp stock, and chemical tankage.

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Mueller Steam Specialty

World class manufacturers of pipeline strainers, check valves, combination valves, suction diffusers , butterfly valves. All styles of strainers including Y type, simplex basket, duplex basket, in all materials and end configurations threaded, socket weld, butt weld, grooved, and flanged. Check valves include wafer double door spring loaded, grooved end double door, wafer center guided, flanged center guided, UL / FM approved valves for fire protection system s and more. Specialty products include combination valves for balance, check, and shutoff of hydronic systems, pump suction diffusers, fabricated strainers, temporary strainers, fire line strainers, turbine meter strainers, and more. Butterfly valves 2” to 36” pipe size, wafer, lug wafer, grooved end, in Cast and Ductile Iron bodies, various elastomeric liners, with Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless, and Monel discs.

Applications for Mueller products are almost endless. Strainer uses include the protection of natural gas and water meters, all process piping where process contamination could be harmful to the pumps, equipment, or the finished product flowing through the piping, straining plant water with units that allow for switching baskets for cleaning without shutting down the process protected.

Check valves are designed for prevention of flow reversal in piping systems. All of Mueller’s check valves are of the spring assist design, which allows the valve to close before flow reversal reducing the possibility of hammer in the line. The various configurations of valves allow for selection of the right type valve to meet the specific flow conditions. The wide variety of materials of construction allow for the handling of almost any media.

Applications for specialty products allow for the protection and balancing of hydronic heating and cooling systems, fire system piping, startup conditions, and other specialty end configurations and applications in the commercial and industrial markets.



Liquid level controls including boiler control, pneumatic modulating liquid level control, pneumatic air switch, top mounted level control switches, chamber mounted control and switches, and side mounted liquid level controls.

Applications are for tank level indication and management in liquid service.

Shand & Jurs

Shand & Jurs

The two divisions of Shand & Jurs are Tank fittings and valves, and Biogas Wastewater Equipment. The Tank fitting and valve division provides tank accessories such as tank level gauges, liquid level indicators, conservation vents for both pressure and vacuum, tank manhole covers, emergency vents, gauge hatches, vacuum vents, pressure relief vents, free vents, vapor recovery regulators, blanketing valves, flame arresters, detonation flame arresters, dehydrators, air dryers, pilot operated relief valves, swing joints, water drain valves, internal safety valves, and more.

Shand & Jurs biogas products incorporate many of the tank division products and also include thermal positive emergency shutoff valves, flame trap assemblies, single and double port regulators, combination pressure relief / flame trap assemblies, foam separators, flame check valves, back pressure check valves, waste gas burners, enclosed oxidizers, and related accessories.

Applications for Shand & Jurs include any operation with tanks needing to measure levels, protect against over and under pressure in the tank, flame protection, man access to tanks, all tank farms, liquid storage, wastewater plant digester systems, fueling systems, bulk storage facilities, and more.

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Shand & Jurs

SMG Valves

SMG Valve offers three types of plug valves:

Keyport Valve:

Keyport series 400 eccentric plug valve features compact size, light weight, UL and CSA listed plug valves with corrosion resistant plug, double seal for tight shutoff and safety, o-ring stem seals, baked on thermoplastic body seat surface, and choice of end connections. Keyport valves can be used as balancing and shutoff valves for air conditioning, hot and chilled water valves, manual burner shutoff valves of city gas supplied by public utilities, fuel oils, compressed gas lines, shutoff and use in water piping for fire protection equipment.

Permaseal Valve:

Permaseal plug valves feature a tapered non-lubricated plug and two individual seats that provide a double seal and bi-directional shutoff. The valves are designed for on-off and diverting applications in chemical, power, mining, and paper industries. Permaseal valves handle clean viscous and corrosive liquids, clean and corrosive gases, and low pressure steam. Permaseal valve seats are easily replaceable in the field without removing the valve from the line.

Chem-Plug Valve:

Chem-Plug PTFE sleeved and PFA fully lined plug valves are offered in a wide variety of materials of construction, and with either a conventional diaphragm top seal, or a V ring top seal design. The V ring design features a full set of chevron packing rings and independent adjustability of the valve stem seal and the plug process seal. These valves are used in many industrial applications including liquid chlorine service, chemical service, and slurry applications. Valve are provided in both 2 way and 3 way configurations, and can be offered in a fire safe version meeting APR 607 for external leakage, double block and bleed, and steam jacketed versions as well.


SSI Fabricated Division of Hellan Strainer CO.

ASME code fabricators for pressure vessels, temporary strainers, line blinds, paddle blinds, bleed rings, spectacle blinds, pigging units, scraper units, sample cooler / heater units, condensate / seal pots, and other custom designed fabrication.

Applications in all industrial process piping..


Trerice Instruments

Manufacturers of pressure gauges/transmitters, temperature, and controls for the commercial and industrial markets. Included are industrial process, sanitary, commercial, HVAC, utility, and specialty pressure gauges, gauge accessories, diaphragm seals. Industrial, solar, vapor and liquid dial, remote reading, bimetallic, and economy type thermometers, with a full selection of thermowells and accessories. Self-operating temperature regulators, electronic PID, pneumatic and electric temperature and pressure controllers, and air operated control valves..

Applications include temperature, pressure indication, and control of pipelines using air, water, steam, and other fluids in all water, wastewater, heating, cooling, commercial installations, and industrial plants.


Urecon Insulated Pipe

Pre-insulated pipe, tubing, and fittings. Urecon pre-insulates any core pipe such as ABS, copper, CPVC, ductile iron, FRP, HDPE, polyethylene, PVC, carbon steel, and stainless steel, with a void free polyurethane foam. Then an outer jacket is applied per customer specifications. Various outer jackets are available including polyethylene wrapped tape, galvanized steel, aluminum lock seam, polyethylene casing, white PVC casing, and other special materials on request. Pre-insulated PEX tubing is also available. Piping can be provided with heat trace channels. Complete heat tracing systems are available from Urecon.

Applications include, buried and above ground chilled and heated water lines, restaurant grease lines, waste lines, snow melt systems, district heating systems, Highway bridge crossings, municipal water systems, mine water, reclaim water and tailings pipe lines, outdoor system connection of heating and cooling systems between buildings in schools, hospitals, prisons, and any other buildings with a central heating or cooling system, and building hookup from central geothermal systems.


WACO Products Inc

Manufacturers of fabricated aluminum and stainless steel sluice gates, slide gates, stop gates, weir gates, hatch covers, safety extensions, fall prevention systems, barscreens, and other items used in wastewater and marine applications.

Applications are inspection bridges for nuclear containment pools, enclosures to protect gas meters and valves, access ladders for high tension power lines, marine gangways, water and wastewater treatment facilities, waste pump stations, and more.


Warren Controls

Warren manufactures automatic control valves for temperature and pressure regulation for processing systems, and mechanical level control for deaerators and boilers. These valves include applications in HVAC, Marine, Municipal, OEM, and Industrial markets.

Warren products are designed to save energy and money in demanding and critical applications. They are dependable, rugged, and provide precision control of systems.

Explore Warren Controls at for online industrial control valve worksheets, product specification PDFs and ValveWorks (valve sizing and selection program).

William E Williams

William E Williams

Manufacturers of bronze, carbon steel, forged steel, and stainless steel, gate, globe, and swing check style valves, emergency shut off valves, and bronze flanged valves. Pressure classes 150 to 900 are offered.

Applications include industrial and marine use, chemical, liquid, and steam service, emergency fire shutoff and more.

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